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"Paws & Effect" Contest Spotlight:

Chances Rescue and Relocation

Mercy Cares is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that funds Mercy Pet Clinic in Houston, Texas, and supports the animal welfare community by serving the needs of local shelters, rescue organizations, and low-income families seeking to care for their pets.

We provide support for pets and those who serve them

We do this by addressing 3 key areas along the holistic continuum of care for animal caregivers:


We provide compassionate veterinary care for animals in need at Mercy Pet Clinic in Houston, Texas;


We also offer health + wellness programs for the community of caregivers who save, rescue and re-home them;


We foster connections through collaboration to help make your family and other healthy, happy, and complete.

You’ve all heard the phrase “It takes a village” and this month Mercy Cares is celebrating the many ‘villages’ of rescue groups around the city of Houston through the “Paws + Effect” Contest, in collaboration with Sunset Animal Hospital.

More than 100 distinct animal rescue groups were nominated by friends and supporters in the community for the contest which allows the public to VOTE HERE for their favorite organization for the chance to win $2,000 | $1,000 | or $500 in clinic credit at Mercy Pet Clinic thanks to the generous support of Sunset Animal Hospital.

This is Princess’ Story…


For our final furry friend spotlight we have the story of Princess, a beautiful joyful German Shepherd who is very well known among the Mercy Pet Clinic staff. Princess had just given birth to a litter of five puppies when her owner reached out to Chances Rescue and Relocation for assistance. The owner wanted Chances Rescue and Relocation to help place the litter but upon seeing that Princess was a tethered dog, Chances requested that Princess be examined and at a minimum spayed.

Princess and her little puppies were brought into Mercy Pet Clinic to be vaccinated, examined, and tested for heartworm. The puppies were vetted and made ready for transport but unfortunately Princess tested positive for heartworm and her exam came back abnormal. Immediately Princess was placed on medicine to treat an infection and it was suggested she get spayed as soon as possible.

As they say, it really does take a village

Mercy Pet Clinic and Chances Rescue and Relocation spent days having conversations with the owner to try to determine the best path forward for Princess and her health. Eventually Princess was surrendered to Chances and was able to get spayed. Within days of being spayed Princess started to struggle to urinate and appeared to be in intense pain. She was rushed to Sunset Animal Hospital to be evaluated. After a short stay at Sunset Princess was transferred back to Mercy for further care. Both clinics worked closely together to care for Princess. It was unclear whether her issue was due to an injury caused by trauma or if there was a disease present. After a lot of examination and conversation it was decided that Princess should undergo specialized surgical care at Gulf Coast Animal Hospital.

After surgery the pathology report showed that Princess had a very unusual and uncommon cancer that was the cause of her struggle to urinate. Princess began chemotherapy and has since has had an excellent prognosis. After chemotherapy treatment concludes, Princess will be able to be treated for her heartworm.

As stated by, Tiffany, the Director of Chances Rescue and Relocation;

“Without Mercy Pet Clinic, Sunset Animal Hospital and Gulf Coast subspecialty services, Princess may never have been rescued, vaccinated, examined, stabilized, treated and diagnosed.  From reception to administration to technicians and veterinarians, everyone involved in Princess’ case provided exceptional professional and compassionate care. We are deeply grateful to everyone who helped us rescue this sweet girl from her tether and her disease, especially Drs. Woods and Stallings whose advocacy, knowledge and skill played a crucial role.”

It’s been a very long medical journey for Princess and this pup has shown such resilience. After all treatments have concluded Princess will head up north to be with her forever family.

Mercy Cares raises the funds necessary for Mercy Pet Clinic to be able to offer affordable, tiered pricing for top-notch veterinary care for nonprofit animal rescue organizations and families meeting certain income requirements. We are proud to support groups just like CR&R to ensure that furry friends like Princess receive the best veterinary care and cost is not an obstacle to a happy, healthy life.

In order to offer the highest quality care possible to pet parents in need and the nonprofit animal welfare and rescue groups committed to saving the homeless and suffering animals of our community, we rely on donations to help underwrite the costs of our services.

With as little as $10, you can help cover the cost of a rabies vaccination for a family or rescue group in need.

Sign up to give monthly and, for less than the cost of lunch, you can help keep pets and our community healthy. Click here to see how your dollars can make a difference for animals like Princess!

We hope you’ll consider supporting our efforts today!

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Written By: Karen Gentry