This holiday season we are asking that you consider making a donation to Mercy Cares to help bring a pet home, and stay home for the holidays! 

$1,190 of $5,000 Raised

$25 Covers the cost of vaccinations for one animal.
$50 c
overs the cost of vaccinations and microchip package for one animal.
$100 covers the cost of full spay/neuter and reduces pet homelessness.
$500 covers the cost of full spay/neuter, vaccination and microchip package for approx. 4 animals.

Number of pets helped
spay & neuter procedures
surgeries performed
vaccines administered
$ 0
$ saved by families in need
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$ saved by rescue groups
Help Mercy Cares Bring a Pet Home for the Holidays

The recently released “Health of Houston Survey” reported that stray animals were the top concern of respondents (34%), outranking crime (22%) and other public health and safety concerns in our community. With an estimated 1.2 million homeless pets; the concern for stray animals could continue to grow if non-profit organizations like Mercy Cares and Mercy Pet Clinic, and many others, are not able to accomplish their goal of reducing that statistic. 

Mercy Pet Clinic first opened in 2018 with a focus on meeting the needs of the underserved pet population. As a 501(c)3 non profit, Mercy offers high quality, comprehensive pet care at affordable prices to those who qualify. Seeing nearly 6,000 pets since opening, the clinic thrived, and began to realize that they could have an even greater impact on the community through partnering with those that shared a common goal: ending pet homelessness.

With that, Mercy Cares was born. Focusing on care through the clinic, workshops to strengthen the animal welfare community, and collaboration with shelter and rescue groups, Mercy helps pets who are still looking for a home, and those that need care to STAY in their homes. However, there are many steps along the way to accomplish this. Here is how Mercy Cares helps:

Affordable, Full-Service Veterinary Care and Low-Cost Wellness

Commonly, when pets contract heartworm or need costly surgeries, pet parents are forced to surrender their pets due to financial circumstances. Mercy educates about pet wellness, and provides cost effective solutions to keep pets in homes. Mercy Pet Clinic has helped 2,427 families save over $300,000 since opening.

Mercy also works with many rescue and shelter organizations to stabilize homeless or abused pets, so that they can eventually find a forever home. Mercy has subsidized over $85,000 of services to help nearly 60 rescue and shelter partners.

Spay and Neuter Services

The number one way to reduce pet homelessness is by spay or neuter procedure. This also tends to be the first step for shelter and rescue groups, in order to have the pet adopted! Mercy has performed 1,309 spay and neuter procedures in effort their cause. 

Subsidized Boarding for Rescue Organizations

Many homeless or recovered pets need a place to stay while being stabilized or waiting for transportation. This is a crucial part of helping pets find a home.

Animal Welfare Community Workshops

Due to stress, animal welfare work can be taxing and cause quick burn-out. Because of this Mercy facilitates workshops designed to provide mental health support, help staff develop healthy coping skills, and increase team cohesion.