Mona Gets Adopted

By September 10, 2019Rescues

Meet Mona, one of the the loveliest and most patient pups you’ll come across! She has a great story and a huge heart.

How Clear the Shelters Led to Mona’s Adoption

In May, one of the amazing veterinary technicians that works for Mercy Pet Clinic was told about a dog that had been on the streets for a long time and that someone thought the dog had been hit by a car. The stray dog was very matted, dirty, and had extremely long nails. The tech was able to catch her and bring her to the clinic. 

“…someone thought the dog had been hit by a car.”

The staff named her Mona. They estimated her to be between 3 – 4 years old. Mona was groomed, vaccinated and tested for heartworm. Unfortunately, as most stray dogs in Houston are, Mona was heartworm positive. 

Mona waits at Mercy Pet Clinic for her forever home.

So she waited in the kennels at Mercy Pet Care. Freedom Streets Rescue offered to sponsor her but did not have a place to keep her. So she waited longer. Then in August, Mercy Pet Clinic sponsored an event with Clear The Shelters. It was Mona’s big chance to shine and she did!

While being walked by a volunteer, Mona meet an amazing couple. It was love at first site for everyone! Mona went home with her new family that day. Now happy and off the streets, Mona has a wonderful home and will receive treatment for her heartworms.

Mona and her new family!

Clear the Shelters is a free adoption event put on Mercy Cares and Best Friends in conjunction with Telemundo. This is a yearly event in which animal rescue and shelter groups bring adoptable pets to multiple sites to bring awareness to the animal welfare community, but also help pets find their forever homes. Below are a few of the outcomes at our event.

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