Pet Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

By December 6, 2019Rescues

Looking for the purrrfect gift?

We’ve got you covered! This holiday season we picked some unique & festive gifts for your furry friends. 


1. Smart pet collar, and yes it’s a real thing! For those of us who have those pets that might like to jump over the fence, run out the front door to greet neighbors, or for those of us who might want a little extra piece of mind this is a PERFECT gift. You can find several different types on Amazon,or even your local pet stores.

2. For the cat lover- a gingerbread house cat scratcher. Let your cat join in the holiday festivities, but in a safe way. We can’t guarantee that your cat still won’t be interested in the edible gingerbread house…but at least they will have their own you can redirect them to. 

3. Bow ties for the snazzy pets out there. Family pictures just aren’t complete without our furry friends and what better way to make a pet feel camera ready than to purchase them their very own bowtie. There are bow ties specifically made for animals that you can purchase from your local pet store or online, so please make sure you buy one specifically made for your type of furry friend. 

4. A treat dispensing toy to stimulate your pet’s mind. For many of us, the holiday time is a busy time filled with trips, parties, and extra shopping- make sure to keep your pet active with a toy that engages their mind. Mental stimulation is another way to keep your pet active and entertained while you might be out and about, and it might also save a few of your shoes 

This season make sure to keep your pets safe by keeping them away from food that might make them sick, quickly cleaning up wrapping paper after opening gifts, and making sure your Christmas tree is pet friendly! If you have a live Christmas tree make sure you to regularly sweep up the pine needles to avoid ingestion by your pets. 


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