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"Paws & Effect" Contest Spotlight:

Scout's Honor Rescue

Mercy Cares is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that funds Mercy Pet Clinic in Houston, Texas, and supports the animal welfare community by serving the needs of local shelters, rescue organizations, and low-income families seeking to care for their pets.

We provide support for pets and those who serve them

We do this by addressing 3 key areas along the holistic continuum of care for animal caregivers:


We provide compassionate veterinary care for animals in need at Mercy Pet Clinic in Houston, Texas;


We also offer health + wellness programs for the community of caregivers who save, rescue and re-home them;


We foster connections through collaboration to help make your family and other healthy, happy, and complete.

You’ve all heard the phrase “It takes a village” and this month Mercy Cares is celebrating the many ‘villages’ of rescue groups around the city of Houston through the “Paws + Effect” Contest, in collaboration with Sunset Animal Hospital.

More than 100 distinct animal rescue groups were nominated by friends and supporters in the community for the contest which allows the public to VOTE HERE for their favorite organization for the chance to win $2,000 | $1,000 | or $500 in clinic credit at Mercy Pet Clinic thanks to the generous support of Sunset Animal Hospital.

This is Cindy’s Story…


It only takes one neglectful/abusive human to cause tremendous harm to an innocent animal but it takes an entire village to help put that animal back together. For Cindy, a sweet and loving black lab mix, this was especially true.  Cindy was found by Fort Bend Animal Control lying in a ditch, completely unable to walk. When it was discovered she was microchipped her owners were immediately contacted, but the family never showed up to get her. After the heartbreaking realization that this sweet pup wasn’t going home to her family Scout’s Honor Rescue was contacted via email, texts and social media. Several people urged Scout’s Honor Rescue to please save this poor girl, it was clear she needed urgent medical attention. For Cindy, that village of people who had never met her but pleaded for her life was the beginning of her new story. 

Scout’s Honor Rescue took Cindy to Vergi 24/7 (a vet clinic) to first understand why she was unable to walk. The vet staff discovered two bullets lodged in her body and referred Cindy to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. Cindy was immediately examined by neurology to determine if there was any damage to her spinal cord and the neurologist suggested a soft tissue surgeon because the bullets were actually lodged between her larynx and trachea. It appeared the bullets entered through Cindy’s skull and possibly shoulder. Clearly Cindy had experienced some severe cruelty at the hands of a human and it was going to take a village of loving humans to help heal her. By interacting with Cindy though, you would’ve never known the harm she had endured, she was so sweet and loving towards everyone who came across her.

Cindy went into surgery to remove the bullets and was placed into a foster home that would help her along the very long healing journey. Her journey included special exercises to help her brain communicate with her legs again and several follow up vet visits.

At first Cindy’s mobility had to be restricted for her healing and being crated was terrifying for her. Cindy’s very clever foster mom was able to use a pack and play, which Cindy found a lot more comfortable and less terrifying, to help restrict Cindy’s movements during her healing.

As they say, it really does take a village

Over time Cindy began to heal and created a very strong bond with her human foster, who adopted her. Cindy’s happy ending, or rather beginning, was possible due to the village rallying behind her. As Susie Wormser from Scout’s Honor Rescue put it;

““-it was hopefully just a single individual who harmed her but an entire community who put her back together.”

Mercy Pet Clinic helps furry friends like Cindy to recover from horrific situations by providing medical attention at discounted rates. We are so proud to partner with organizations like Scout’s Honor Rescue to provide second chances to those who need it.

Mercy Cares raises the funds necessary for Mercy Pet Clinic to be able to offer affordable, tiered pricing for top-notch veterinary care for nonprofit animal rescue organizations and families meeting certain income requirements. We are proud to support groups just like SHR to ensure that furry friends like Cindy receive the best veterinary care and cost is not an obstacle to a happy, healthy life.

In order to offer the highest quality care possible to pet parents in need and the nonprofit animal welfare and rescue groups committed to saving the homeless and suffering animals of our community, we rely on donations to help underwrite the costs of our services.

With as little as $10, you can help cover the cost of a rabies vaccination for a family or rescue group in need.

Sign up to give monthly and, for less than the cost of lunch, you can help keep pets and our community healthy. Click here to see how your dollars can make a difference for animals like Cindy!

We hope you’ll consider supporting our efforts today!

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Written by: Karen Gentry