Sterling’s Rescue Story

By November 4, 2019Rescues

Home for the Holidays Spotlight: Sterling

Mercy Cares is raising funds to help bring and keep pets home for the holidays. As a 501c3 non-profit, Mercy Cares was created to help pets in need. Through our veterinary clinic, we assist families to help maintain their pets’ health by offering comprehensive, low-cost veterinary care. We’ve also partnered and collaborated with the animal welfare community to decrease pet homelessness in Houston.

While our ultimate goal is to help pets find a home, and STAY in their homes, there are many steps along the way to accomplish this.


Here are a few ways that Mercy is directly achieving our goals:


Due to financial circumstances, when pets contract heartworm or need costly surgeries, pet parents are forced to surrender their pets. At Mercy we are educating about pet wellness, and providing cost effective solutions to keep pets in homes.

We also work with many rescue and shelter organizations to stabilize homeless or abused pets, so that they can find a forever home.


The number one way to reduce pet homeless is by a spay or neuter procedure. This also tends to be the first step for shelter and rescue groups to take, in order to eventually have the pet adopted!


Many homeless or recovered pets need a place to stay while being stabilized or waiting for transportation. This is a crucial part of helping pets find a home.


Due to stress, animal welfare work can be taxing and cause quick burn-out. Because of this Mercy facilitates workshops designed to provide mental health support, help staff develop healthy coping skills, and increase team cohesion.

Sterling's Story

Mercy Pet Clinic has provided care to over 6,000 pets since opening in 2018 but there are some animals that just capture your heart more than others and their stories have to be heard and today that story is about Sterling. 

Sterling was found by a good samaritan and brought to Mercy Pet Clinic with a shattered leg. Although she was timid of the staff at first, she quickly warmed up as she received temporary boarding and was examined.

After taking x-rays the vet realized amputation was the only option for little Sterling. Unfortunately, many animals are abused and neglected the way Sterling was but at Mercy Pet Clinic rescue groups receive quality care at a discounted price. Mercy Pet Clinic has worked with over 60 different rescue groups to ensure that animals receive the care they need, no matter their circumstances.

Sterling went through surgery to amputate her leg and has shown a great deal of resilience; she gets around easily and has grown to love the attention she receives from the clinic staff. Although Sterling is still searching for her forever home, the care she received is a vital part of the journey to her forever home. 

This holiday season, we hope you consider giving to Mercy Cares and Mercy Pet Clinic to continue serving furry friends like Sterling. Mercy is just one stop on Sterling’s journey to a forever home, but without the care provided at Mercy Pet Clinic she wouldn’t be ready to go home for the holidays.

You can support animals just like Sterling this holiday season for as little as $25 a month. Your support helps Mercy Cares help animals find or keep their home for the holidays.